The Hawkeye™ Family of Flyaway VSAT Terminals

Hawkeye III


The Hawkeye family of flyaway VSAT terminals have long been a staple of the U.S. Army's technology arsenal.  These quick-deploy, auto-acquire terminals have literally kept soldiers out of harm's way on the battlefield.  In 2003 during Operation Iraqi Freedom, troops advanced so quickly that their requisitions fell behind and logistics and maintenance transactions slumped to nearly zero, leaving troops without supplies.  The solution for the U.S. Army was CSS VSAT, also known as the Hawkeye II 1.2M terminal.  The CSS-Satcom program launched in 2003 and to date L3 GCS has shipped over 4000 systems to the U.S. Army and continues to support this customer with a condition-based refurbishment program as well as modem upgrades.

These systems provide direct support to soldiers on the battlefield and has allowed them to make significant advances over the "sneakernet", which in the past, required soldiers to drive through harm's way in convoys, to deliver requisitions.


Data Sheets:  

PDF - Small Hawkeye III Lite 1.2M VSAT System: English

PDF - Small Hawkeye III 1.6M, 2.0M and 2.4M VSAT System: English 

PDF - Small Rugged Modem Case: English 

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