Inmarsat Global Xpress

L3 GCS services has been appointed as an Inmarsat Global Xpress Value Added Reseller (VAR) for the U.S. government market. Global Xpress is the first and only end-to-end commercial Ka-band network from a single operator that provides worldwide service. Government-tested and in operation today, Global Xpress complements U.S. government military satellite communications and delivers a flexible, scalable solution that enables high-throughput, seamless wideband connection and easy-to-use terminals, wherever and whenever needed. Purpose-built for government users, Global Xpress allows the U.S. government and its allies to cost-effectively augment MILSATCOM systems without an up-front commitment or additional infrastructure investments. When Global Xpress is complemented by Inmarsat L-band services in a hybrid format, users benefit from even greater resilience and frequency diversity.

L3 GCS offers Global Xpress as an end-to-end managed service - SATCOM as a Service.

The unique SATCOM as a Service capability offers Global Xpress mobile high-throughput connectivity the way you need it: simple, affordable and operationally available - anywhere, anytime. It enables access on-demand to satellite capability worldwide. With no infrastructure charges or R&D investment on their part, customers travel from one location to another and simply "plug in" to get the connectivity they need, when they need it.  SATCOM as a Service delivers guaranteed data rates to satisfy mission requirements at a moment's notice. With solid Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Committed Information Rates (CIR), users get what they ask for, and the quality of the acquired service is assured.

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Global Xpress offers mobile government customers significant features and benefits, such as:

  • Worldwide wideband coverage
  • Redundant terrestrial infrastructure
  • Seamless mobile roaming
  • Interoperability with Mil-Ka systems
  • Smaller, easy to use terminals
  • Simplified user experience
Inmarsat Coverage Map 

Inmarsat Global Xpress Type L3 GCS Approved Terminals  

 PDF - Small  Cheetah II

 PDF - Small  Hawkeye III Lite

  GX H3L with ribbon 



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